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Miracema-Nuodex - Indústria Química

Miracema-Nuodex has been active in the market since 1954 producing specialty chemicals for a vast range of industrial applications.

Our products are developed to serve as additives, improve performance, optimize processes, provide stability, conserve, and for innumerable other reasons to make more effective the products and processes of the companies that are our clients.

Our focus is on total reliability, provided by our expertise in taking care of everything from the simplest to the most complex needs and by our philosophy of working in close partnership with our clients.

All of this results in customized solutions that provide continuous improvement and excellence. Miracema-Nuodex, chemistry for a changing world.



New Products

Trimethylolpropane Esters

Vegetable Methyl Ester



Miracema-Nuodex confirms participation in the 17th ABRAFATI in 2022



New generation of LFGs (Liquid Foam Generators for extinguishing fires) approved under the ABNT NBR

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