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LIOFOAM® 159is an antifoam of high performance and its technology is based on raw materials of recyclable soucers, attempting to the global requisites of sustainability, low toxicity and biodegradability. Its main function is inhibit and control formation of foam in waterborne paints, acrylic and vinylic emulsions, dispersions and suspensions. It has balanced formulation which permits utilization of low dosages with high performance, in other words, enhance in benefit-cost. Apart from the use as anti-foaming agent, this product provides other benefits, such as:

. Low dosage

. Increase of brightness of the dry film;

. Does not cause defects in the paint;

. Helps in spreading during application.


We recommend dosages of 0.05 - 0.25 %, which should be optimized by laboratorial tests.


Alkalinizing additive of low odor for water systems

LIOCOAT® 949 is an additive specially developed to be used as an alkalizing agent in waterborne paints where pH adjustments are required. This additive was formulated to be utilized as an option to ammonia or amines, commonly used as pH regulators.

Main benefits:

. Provides washability resistance property (resistance to abrasion), improving the quality level of water systems;

. Eliminates the use of common pH neutralizers, such as ammonia, resulting in odorless or low volatile compound organic (VOC) content paints;

. Easy handling and incorporation;

. Does not influence the odor of paints and additives where it is applied.

In addition, the use of this additive potentiates the thickener utilized in the system, optimizes the amount of thickener in the formulation and eliminates the need to use another additive that has the function to improve the resistance to abrasion by considering the multi-functionality of LIOCOAT® 949.


The specific dosage of LIOCOAT® 949 must be determined by previous laboratorial tests and depends significantly on the composition of the several kinds of paints.

Paint stability tests must be implemented to ensure the additive performance and the paint quality.

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